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Traveling with Dogs

My favorite part of everyday is coming home to see a smile on my best friend's face.

He's one of my favorite adventure buddies. It doesn't matter what time it is or where we are going he's always up for whatever I want to do.

Sometimes it can be a challenge going on a trip with a furry companion. But trust me it's always worth it.

Things to remember when traveling with a dog.

1) Pack plenty of water.

With all the excitement and exercise they are getting they need to stay hydrated.

2) Pack a bowl for the water.

I try to leave several travel bowls in my car just in case I forget to pack one.

3) Pack treats.

Remember to always reward good behavior. Whether its when you tell them to leave the other hikers alone and they do or if it's when they pose for an awesome shot, reward them.

Rewarding good behavior encourages them to do it even before you ask for it.

4) Your furry companion may need more breaks than you do.

Keep a close eye on them. If it looks like they are over working themselves or if they are getting too excited stop for a break.

5) Plan ahead.

Most outdoor parks and hiking trail allow dogs but not all. You also need to plan if you are going to eat somewhere with your dog. If you need a hotel room. Calling ahead and asking if you can bring your furry kids with you will always be beneficial.

6) Bring towels.

If there is any chance of your dog getting wet bring several towels with you. Would you want to ride all the way home soaking wet?

7) Bring toys for them.

Make sure they are having fun as well. A happy dog is a more behaved dog.

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