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It's been a while y'all!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

So I haven't posted a new blog post since February!! Yikes! My life has been a little hectic the past few months. Right after my last blog post, literally the next day, I got a new job. I work at a dog park as their photographer. I also run their website and help out at the front desk.

I love getting to hang out with the dogs all day! It's been an amazing experience. It has it's good days and bad days just like any other jobs. Some days are super tiring and stressful but it's all worth it in the end. This little cutie to the left is Nick. Nick loves to snuggle around your neck and he always smells super good.

On April 4th I welcomed a vibrant cuddly three year old golden retriever to the fam jam. His name is Hank. The previous owner named him after Hank Williams, I have no clue if it was Senior or Junior. They had decided that the name was fitting since he was born on a farm in Tennessee. Since neither Senior nor Junior was born in Tennessee I guess I'll never know. He's a good old country boy at heart so the name fits him just fine. I could write a short novel all about our crazy adventures so far. Instead of giving in and telling you all of the stories all at once I will be breaking them into several posts.

This is an old picture of Hank taken five days after he came to live with us. He's been all smiles ever since. I adore how his tongue hangs out when he's excited.

I have also ventured into real estate photography. It has been thrilling experience so far. I love expanding my portfolio and working around beautiful Lake Martin!!

This is the first of many new posts to come!!

Until next time.

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