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New Places and New Perspectives

Let me tell you a secret about photographs. Photos are made up of light, subjects and magic.

The magic of photographs have the power to transport our senses back to the moment the photo was taken.

This photo was taken during a trip to Jacksonville Florida during the summer of 2015. When I stumbled on this photo earlier today I was automatically reminded of the warm sun on my bare shoulders, the taste of the best brownies I've ever had melting in my mouth and felt the cold water hitting my feet.

Exploring new cities is one of my favorite things. Taking a step back and getting a new perspective on life is just what you need from time to time. New places take us out of our comfort zones and they allow us to grow as photographers.

With Holiday Breaks coming up this month I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone for a little while one day. Go to a new event or place and just start snapping pictures. See where the magic of photographs take you.

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